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How To Obtain Business Credit, Financing and Funding with NO Personal Guarantee (PG)

Getting credit for your business without personal guarantees isn't something you can accomplish overnight, but it is important and it’s definitely possible. The fact is banks and other financial institutions may not extend lines of credit or loans to a business without a personal guarantor and/or collateral. It’s about minimizing risk for the lender and unless your business has substantial revenues or other factors that mitigate risk expect to supply a PG.

So how do you work towards obtaining credit without supplying a personal guarantee? The key is adhering to a strict plan for building a company’s creditworthiness. For starters, a company should focus on applying for credit that will have a positive impact on the company’s credit reports.

We Have A True NO PG Business Credit & Financing Program

Our Business Credit and Financing Program is the only system of its kind. This groundbreaking system helps clients insure they meet lending criteria, puts them in access with more funding than is available anywhere else, and helps them build their business credit so they can get even more money.

What more do you get?
✶ Access to over 2100 finance sources with over 400 direct lenders to get you money
✶ Real time access to updated Experian credit report to track credit building
✶ Our $50,000 guarantee *ask us for details
✶ Automated Underwriting Approval Engine that helps you get matched for funding you qualify for
✶ Your own certified Business Credit Coaches and Finance Officers
✶ Access to hundreds of vendor and credit card accounts, who they report to and their actual underwriting guidelines
✶ 24/7 access to your Business Credit Finance Suite with email support
✶ Online education and resource section that includes video training
✶ Live support Monday through Friday

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What If I Want An Aged Shelf Corporation?
Aged shelf corporations are entities that have been formed with the Secretary of State by filing the Articles of Incorporation (Corporation) or Articles of Organization (LLC) and then put on a shelf and not used for a period of time. There are companies that file hundreds of entities every year and wait to sell them until they are two years or older. The older the entity is the more valuable potentially it becomes, and the more you will have to pay for it.

Why would anyone want or need an aged shelf corporation? The number one reason people want an aged entity to improve their chances of getting loans and business credit. Buying an expensive aged shelf corporation for this reason however can back fire on unsuspecting entrepreneurs looking for an edge in obtaining financing.
Truth About Aged Shelf Corporations
The truth about aged shelf corporations is: they don’t ALWAYS help when obtaining financing. In many cases they don’t help at all in the first two years of purchasing the entity. If the individual buying the aged entity doesn’t have an ongoing business they end up with an entity that shows potentially two years age from the incorporation date but no financial history, no credit history and in many cases no business licenses or even Tax Identification Number. Sometimes sticking with building your own companies business credit profile might be your best solution.

Business Credit & Obtaining Financing Without A Shelf Corp
Over 95% of businesses fail within their first 5 years in business. Surveys have shown the main reason for their failure is a lack of capital to help sustain and grow the business. Many of those businesses were producing good revenue. But the revenue wasn’t enough to keep the business running, help the business grow, and to leave enough money for the business owner to be paid.

If you have ever tried to secure money at a bank you already know how hard it can be to be approved. If you ask most business owners you meet you will find that only a very small percentage has even been successful with obtaining conventional bank funding for their business..

Once the business owner is turned down at their main bank studies have shown that they rarely look anywhere else for funding. The business owner isn’t lazy, they just don’t know where to look, outside of their bank, for money for their business. Don’t be one of the 95% of businesses that ends in financial ruin.

What is business credit?

The simple definition of business credit is: Business credit is credit that is obtained in the name of a business. That’s a start. But one key thing we need to understand about business credit is that it is NOT built on the same credit system as personal credit...

How is business credit different from personal credit?
With personal credit, there are the three big credit bureaus that collect and sell data on consumers, and then there is Fair Isaac that generates “FICO” scores for those consumers based on the data in their credit reports. If a consumer wants to get a loan, the loan and terms they are able to get will depend greatly on their credit score.

Business credit works roughly the same way, but the business credit system is completely detached from the personal credit system. By this we mean that:
✓ Business accounts won’t be reflected on a person’s personal credit.
✓ Personal credit won’t necessarily affect a person’s ability to obtain business credit
(Note: Personal credit can affect your ability to obtain business credit, but the two aren’t integrated automatically. A bank or lender might want to check your personal credit in addition to your business credit as part of an application process. There are sources, however, that will not require this.)
✓ The companies that score business credit and maintain business credit reports and data are, for the most part, separate from those that manage personal credit data, reports, and scores.
✓ Business credit is based on the business’s ability to pay back a loan, NOT on the business owner’s ability to pay.

The big key to understand is that business credit and personal credit are separate. Your ability to get a loan on your personal credit is not generally affected by your business credit, and vice versa.

Why does this matter?
For one thing, it matters because sometimes businesses need money to fund new expansions and other big expenditures. For the business owner, having a strong business credit profile means that their borrowing power will probably be more than DOUBLE what it would be if they did not have business credit.

That’s a pretty powerful tool to have at your disposal, then, don’t you think?
“Great,” you say, “but what in the world do we use it for?”

What is business credit used for?
Business credit can be used for a variety of things. Here are some examples:
✶ A convenient and simple way to order office supplies and manage expenses related to running an office.
✶ A large credit line for financing the day to day operations of a business.
✶ Loans for funding new projects or products, marketing campaigns, and more.
✶ Buying or leasing real estate for the operation of the business.
✶ A primary or secondary funding source for startup or expansion purposes.

If it isn’t obvious, the key here is that business credit is used for the business. In the same way you should keep your personal finances separate from those of your business, you should also keep your personal credit separate from that of your business. (Business credit should never be used for personal purposes.)

Why is business credit important to me?
We have 4 important points to share with you that will explain why business credit should be important to you. So let’s get on with it and talk about the 4 Big Reasons You Can’t Afford To Ignore Business Credit.

1. Business credit is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get money to run your business! For expansions, for marketing, for startups, for daily operations... businesses need money. Establishing and building business credit gives you one more option for obtaining life-giving funds for your business.

2. Business credit can be cheaper than personal credit, especially for those with a bad personal credit rating.

3. Having business credit will help to draw a clear distinction between your personal finances and those of your business. Not separating your business and personal finances can lead to disastrous results.

4. The cost of doing business will be less in the long run. Potentially a lot less.

If you add up everything from the four points we've given you in this report, you should see quickly that ignoring business credit could be the biggest mistake you ever make—not only for your business—but for your personal finances, your family, and your life.

You might think you can’t afford the time, the energy, or the money that it will take to establish and build business credit. We would like to suggest that the opposite is true. If you add up everything from our info above, you should quickly see that it will in fact cost you much more to ignore business credit than it will to obtain it.

Buying a Shelf Corp vs Building Business Credit
Instead of building his own business credit profile an entrepreneur spent $80,000 buying a shelf corporation that he was assured came with access to $250,000 in credit lines. He got the corporation, all right, but the promised credit lines never materialized, and he had to start from scratch. Oops.

We've heard from a number of prospective small business owners who wasted a lot of money trying to "build business credit." They had been promised that if they followed certain steps they could secure thousands of dollars in funding for their businesses with no personal guarantee or risk, build wildly successful businesses and get rich.

We all know who gets rich in that story. And it’ not the business owner. Anytime you have individuals who need money, you’ll find individuals who see opportunity to suck that money out of them.

9 Devastating mistakes entrepreneurs make when obtaining funds for their businesses

Devastating Mistake #9
Using personal credit to finance your business

Devastating Mistake #8
Putting personal assets at risk

Devastating Mistake #7
Contaminating your credit

Devastating Mistake #6
Not paying your bills on time … 100% of the time

Devastating Mistake #5
Using your family’s money

Devastating Mistake #4
Not setting up a corporation and building corporate credit – the right way

Devastating Mistake #3
Rushing the process for building corporate credit

Devastating Mistake #2
Not following up on the credit-building process

Devastating Mistake #1
Not recognizing opportunity costs

Avoid Raiding Retirement Funds
If you don’t have access to money from friends or family you may be tempted to tap your retirement funds to start your business. That’s risky enough, but some promoters will suggest you use something called a "Checkbook IRA." Cashing out an IRA early means taxes and penalties, and you can’t borrow against an IRA, so this approach involves setting up an LLC owned by the IRA. The LLC in turn owns real estate or the business. This approach is very risky and one misstep means you can wind up with the whole scheme disqualified by the IRS, which can put you on the hook for taxes and penalties.

What Are The Business Credit & Financing Program Benefits?
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only system which successfully combines business credit and funding. There are lenders out there who offer 3-5 lending programs. And there are business credit companies who help build business credit. But there no companies that successfully offer both, funding and business credit.
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program has more funding programs and lenders than any other source. (Business Revenue, Accounts Receivable, Rehab, Unsecured Credit Cards)
✶ Our business credit & finances suite has more business net 30 vendors and revolving credit cards than any other source, including any other business credit building company
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only system which offers funding for companies even if they are a startup, or have credit challenged business owners (if they have cash, credit, or collateral)
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the unique home to the Automated Underwriting Approval Engine that helps customers get matched with funding they can qualify for
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only place where clients receive concierge service form certified business advisors and finance officers
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only place where each business credit vendor and revolving source lists what they sell, who they report to, and their actual underwriting guidelines
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only lending source that lists actual loan underwriting guidelines so clients can know they can be approved before even applying
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only system in existence that integrates with all three business credit reporting agencies
✶ Our Business Credit & Financing Program is the only place where clients can get free Experian Smart Business data and a free DUNS number and credit profile activation with Dun & Bradstreet
✶ It's the only system with a 20 point underwriting guideline checklist, everything your borrower will need to know BEFORE applying

Build Business Credit with EIN That is Not Linked to Your SSN!
Business Credit is credit that is obtained in a Business Name. With business credit the Business builds its own credit profile and credit score. With an established credit profile and score, the business will then qualify for credit. This credit is in the business name and based on the business’s ability to pay, not the business owners. Since the business qualifies for the credit, in some cases there is no personal credit check required from the business owner.

There are a ton of benefits that business credit provide including that a credit profile can be built for a business that is completely separate from the business owner’s personal credit profile. This gives business owners DOUBLE the borrowing power as they have both Personal and Business credit profiles built.

Discover how to get unlimited cash financing and investments for your business… WITHOUT Risking Your Personal Assets, Lowering Your Personal Credit Score, or Damaging Your Personal Credit History!


We LOVE helping business owners obtain credit and financing to start and grow! And of course, we’re only going to have great things to say about our company because we’re pretty proud of our results. What really matters is what our clients and partners actually have to say. Check out what customers have to say about the Business Credit and Finance program.

Ivan Sugussen, Castle Food Company
I was approved for a $10 million line of factory credit. This is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow.
Hi my name is Ivan Sugussen, from Castle Food Company. I have been in the business of credit coaching for about five months now. I am really excited about what just happened Tuesday. I was approved for a $10 million line of factory credit. This is going to be vital to my company as we continue to grow. I have found the coaching program to be very thorough, and while it did take some time, I can say with full confidence, that my company is now creditable and has the financial backing to allow us to grow

Mari Mcclure, Chalmette LA
So far, I have obtained about $50,000 in business credit… and it has only been a couple of months.
Because I had an existing business and good personal credit, I was able to go through you program really fast. So far, I have obtained about $50,000 in business credit. I am already on step five and it has only been a couple of months. Thanks for all the help.

Stella H McKinney, Dallas TX
My funding adviser was able to help me obtain my startup capital, within 60 days.
The business credit coaching program has been great. I am a startup company and because I had good personal credit, my funding adviser was able to help me obtain my startup capital, within 60 days.

Dorothy J Lowell, San Luis Obispo CA
I was able to get the additional expansion capital I needed, without a personal guarantee.
My accounting business has been around for a bit. We have been fairly successful to date, however, I wanted to grow, and was in need of additional expansion capital in order to make that happen. The problem was the local bank turned me down because my credit score was in the 500’s. After signing up for business credit service, it took me about 90 days to get everything in place. Then using my existing business revenue, I was able to get the additional expansion capital I needed, without a personal guarantee.

Sherry O Hawkins, Tampa FL
I was able to get the startup capital for my company in about four weeks after signing up.
You guys have been great. Thanks to your help, and thanks to my coach, I was able to get the startup capital for my company in about four weeks after signing up. You taught me how to use my personal credit, but without it showing up in my personal credit file. And at the same time, start building my business credit.

Sadie R Williams, Readings VT
I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our full season.
I cannot thank you enough. I was able to get enough capital to cover the expenses we had during our full season. Thanks to your help, I am now building good business credit. I also just got funded based on my account receivable, and a loan for miscellaneous.

Adam S Thomas, Salt Lake City UT
I was able to get enough money to start a local franchise company
I was thinking about starting a company a while back and signed up to start building my business credit. I found out during the process, that I could leverage my good personal credit and obtain good business credit faster than not using my personal credit. By doing this I was able to get enough money to start a local franchise company. Thanks for the help, I could not have done it without you.

Elizabeth A Morales, South Orange
I was able with your help to get some expansion capital. Even though my personal credit was not that good
I have been in business for about six years doing catering and delivery. My personal credit was not in good condition, but once I started building my business credit, I was able with your help to get some expansion capital. Even though my personal credit was not that good. Thanks for all the help. By the way I gave your personal email to my brother, to see if you can help him out too.

Patricia M Guerra, Niagara Falls NW
I would not have been able to do it without you.
I signed up with the credit building program, in order to start a company, after I had lost my job of thirteen years. At the time, my personal credit really was not in good shape. I appreciated them letting me know, that with bad personal credit, I could still build my business credit and take advantage of business credit features. It would just take me longer since my personal credit was not good at the time. Since then, I have been able to build good business credit, and obtain some financing as well as working on repairing my personal credit. Which has really helped me obtain credit under the business name Thank you for your help. I would not have been able to do it without you.

Sarah R Greene, Bloomfield CT
After completing the program, it has been totally worth it.
When I first called and signed up to start building my business credit, they helped me understand. Because my personal credit was limited, it would take more time to find financing. If I had good personal credit, I would been able to obtain financing faster. Because I did not, I had to have a little more patience. After completing the program, it has been totally worth it. I now have a solid business credit profile. And a little money to start up my own company. I really appreciate all the help over these last six months.

Debra Cuyler, Bixby OK
My business is now twice the size because of the loan you were able to help me obtain.
I was really glad to find out that clients with an existing business, generating money with good personal credit can achieve the best results. After hearing that, I signed up right away and am very happy with the help and results to date. My business is now twice the size because of the loan you were able to help me obtain. I was able to buy a second location. This is going to be a good year for us.

Steven M Trigg, Norcross GA
I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now.
I figured I had business credit since I been in business almost ten years now. After going through your program, I found out I did not have any history at all. After your help, I was able to start building my credit and because of my existing business, was able to obtain something really fast.

Harold B Malley, Dublin OH
I was able to… obtain money to start my company
When I first signed up for the business credit program, I was a little nervous, just because I had no business experience. I just finished filing for bankruptcy after an expensive divorce case. It takes longer to build good business credit, if you have bad personal credit. It is still very possible. Luckily I was not desperate for the startup money, and I was able to patiently build my company’s business credit and eventually obtain money to start my company.

Brett B Russel, Indianapolis IN
I obtained about $10,000 so far
My personal credit is not that good. After getting turned down at multiple banks, because of my personal credit, I signed up with the business credit program so I could start building my business credit. It took longer than I wanted. I wanted everything to happen right away. After the six months coaching program, I made some really good progress. I obtained about $10,000 so far. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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